Praise God! Today I started halter breaking colts.  When I finished, I ran out to the big pasture to round up my colt.  I got him tied up.  I brushed him down and cleaned his feet.  I thought I warmed him up enough.  Truth is I didn’t.  I put him in a bridle I was using a snaffle bit.  He did okay.  I was riding him in the back field.  He then turned around towards the barn and went in a full gallop.  I pulled his head toward the knee.  He stopped. 

Brother Olson told me to walk my horse to the round pen where he was.  I got there.  He told me to think.  He told me that I should’ve noticed when my horse would go into a lope.  He made an analogy of vaccinations to me stopping my horse.  He said vaccinations are to prevent a disease and medicine is to help cure the sickness when it happens.  He said what I did (pulling the horse to a stop when he was at a lope) was like medicine.  He said he wants me to notice when the horse is about to go faster and stop him.  He said I need to be aware of what’s going on.  Tomorrow I will do what he says.