Agapé Ranch was founded by James Clemensen in 1990.  We are a working ranch with a specialized program for teens designed to utilize the kinship a boy is able to find with a young horse as an opening to instill Biblical principles that will enable him to “Ride Prosperously” through life.  It is also our desire to raise and start good ranch colts that will help you “Ride Prosperously” on the ranch, in the arena, or on the trail.

And in thy majesty ride prosperously because of truth and meekness and righteousness…” Psalm 45:4

The Benefits of the Agapé Ranch Ministries Programs & Auction

Most ranches raise livestock as a profitable means of making a living.  The bottom line is generally the factor that decides the normal day to day operations of the ranch.  Though it is the desire and the goal of the ranch to be profitable and self-sustaining, it is not the ranch’s driving force, nor is the ranch’s possibility for profit the most beneficial asset that it offers to Agapé Baptist Church and Agapé Boarding School.

The benefits afforded to the boys of the boarding school and even the people of the church far outweigh profit margins and bottom lines.  These benefits affect people directly.  They are geared to reach individuals and groups of people alike.  The ranch and its programs, both cattle and horse, lend to the spiritual, physical, and emotional growth of those that are involved in its day to day work.  The ranch promotes healing both mentally and behaviorally through the natural therapeutic responsibilities and opportunities one can only experience in a real ranch world setting.  Most Ranches are in the business to make money.  Agapé Ranch Ministries is in the business to make a difference.


Here is a breakdown of some of the many ways those involved benefit from the ranch and horse programs here at Agapé Ranch Ministries:

I. Therapy

A. Behavioral

      1. One must maintain good behavior to maintain the opportunity to work with the animals.

B. Physical

      1. Expending energy and working in a physical job.

C. Spiritual

      1. Opportunity to see biblical and spiritual lessons come to life.

II. Self-Control

A. Physical

      1. Gaining mastery of one’s body.
      2. Prudence and Moderation

B. Emotional

      1. Fear
      2. Anger
      3. Depression
      4. Bitterness

C. Behavioral

      1. Acting Out
      2. Attitude
      3. Consequences vs Reward

III. Spiritual

A. Relationship Building

      1. Relationships with Animals => Relationships with People =>Relationships with Family => Relationships with God

B. Creation Experience

      1. Hands on with God’s creation.
      2. God becomes real.
      3. Animals were created for mankind.

C. Reflection

      1. Truth above all else.
      2. Meekness is not weakness.
      3. Righteousness brings recognition.

IV. Responsibility

A. Work Ethics

      1. Early Morning
      2. Physical Labor
      3. Long Days
      4. Inclement Weather
      5. Learning Trades
      6. Patience

B. A Good Name

      1. More important than money or fame.
      2. You are who you hang around.
      3. Reputation Rebuilding

C. Teamwork

      1. Inconvenience yourself for others.
      2. Put others first.
      3. Working with Others
      4. Many hands make light work.
      5. Chain of Command

V. Leadership

A. Servant Leadership

      1. Your follower (horse, cow, or people) don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.
      2. Through acts of service, a leader is established.
      3. Use your position to build those you lead; do not use those you lead to build your position.

B. Lead by Example.

      1. Diligence
      2. Gallantry
      3. Compassion
      4. Bravery
      5. Jesus is the greatest example

C. Selfless Acts of Kindness

      1. True leadership is accepted and welcomed; it is not oppressive and domineering.
      2. Be a need-filler.
      3. Take the jobs nobody else wants.


Read some of the testimonies of teen boys in our Colt Class Program.

“God has shown me many lessons with my horse that benefit me in life.  Listening to Mr. Olson has helped me not get hurt on my horse, but all in all, God is the One which protects me and gives me the courage to get on my horse every day.  I know He is there for me and will protect me.”


“I’ve learned so much in colt class. My horse has taught me so much. It just seems like every time I am trying to teach him or accomplish something with him that there is always something that prevents me from being able to teach him everything he needs to know. But one thing that always helps me get through this is repeating the Bible verse, Philippians 4:13.”

Philippians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.

Romans 7:21 “I find then a law, that, when I would do good, evil is present with me.


“One thing that my horse has taught me is how to be a leader. When my horse is scared and not confident about something, God gives me the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind to push her through it and help her get over it. I also see this in my relationships with people and with Him. He helps me conquer my fears and face my problems.”

2 Timothy 1:7 “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

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